A pair of floggers that a Dominant can use for Florentine Flogging techniques

Our Approach

Domination is an art, not a science.  UpKink is committed to providing an environment for Dominants to get to know themselves and nurture the skills needed to take that image into reality with confidence.  Unlike many sites, we won't tell you what you are supposed to be, preferring to help you find out who you are and giving a means to get you there.  For those still seeking mentorship or someone to talk to about possible questions, UpKink offers several great resources.

Our Story

Having explored both sides of the whip, it's clear that new dominants are often given only half the information needed.  There are unlimited websites and classes, focusing on how to use equipment and tools.  What is often harder to locate is any information on the interpersonal and internal challenges one will face as a dominant.  As I actively mentored people locally, I began to realize how the same issues continued to present themselves. Upkink came about as a solution to give dominants a neutral, yet skilled, resource to explore the whole of their powerful self.