What We Do

UpKink puts 100% of it's focus on providing information for newer Dominants looking to learn a respectful and more realistic way to be in control within their relationships.   It became clear that there was very little resources that focused on the more intricate details of D/s.  With fewer mentoring opportunities in the quick paced internet culture, it became clear that something was getting lost.  If you are feeling lost, let us help you.

Currently, we are working on launching our blog, however, soon following that will be additional services such as coaching, webinars, and in depth information products designed to work through specific challenges in the chapters of a Dominant's learning and skill development.

With nearly 20 years experience as a Dominant, and a decade or more of coaching one on one, and in groups there are a lot of issues that come up again and again, and some that are specific to each couple.  Everyone is unique, so we always provide individualized help to problem solve whatever difficulties may develop.


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